Welcome to an All-New Edge


Welcome to Edge 4.0, where we redefine your crypto experience! Our latest update isn’t just a step forward; it’s a leap into a future where managing cryptocurrency is as intuitive and user-friendly as it gets.

With a vibrant new look, effortless navigation, and groundbreaking features, Edge 4.0 is here to simplify the complex world of crypto for you. 

User Interface Updates

Our latest user interface is a major overhaul. The primary intention of this update was to add a home screen for easy navigation. Our goal at Edge is to simplify the complex world of cryptocurrency, and our home screen is aimed at doing just that.

Included in our home screen is easy navigation for buying crypto, selling crypto, swapping crypto, depositing crypto into your account, and sending crypto from your account. We’ve included a number of primary buttons on our homescreen, but given that many users experience confusion with crypto terminology, we’ve made the app easier to navigate by including multi-select options based on user intent when tapping on a couple of primary buttons. For example, when tapping on the “Send” button, users see multiple options that appear based on their intention in tapping the button:

When a user taps “Deposit,” a similar user experience is shown, with different options based on the user’s intent:

We’ve implemented this user experience for both the “Send” and “Deposit” primary buttons on our home screen to avoid confusion and provide a simple way for users to get to the exact functionality they’re looking for.

Our inspiration for the home screen itself is a felt need by many users that they needed a dedicated screen by which they could access the majority of functionality they use in the app. Rather than having to scroll through multiple different screens to find the functionality a user is looking for, users can instead look at one single home screen and use that as a means to navigate to the functionality they would like to utilize. 

The final primary button included on the home screen is “Web3 Handle” powered by FIO, which enables users to create a universal, human-readable, web3 handle for sending and receiving crypto with ease. FIO handles are like email addresses for crypto holdings, making transactions as effortless as sending an email. Within the “Web3 Handle” button on the home screen, users can expect:

  1. Registration of free web3 handles: Edge users can register their free handle on the @edge domain (e.g. bob@edge), eliminating the need for long and daunting alphanumeric addresses.
  2. Creation of web3 domains: Users can personalize their experience by registering their own web3 domain, like “@example,” and connect multiple wallets and assets to their web3 handles.  

In addition to the primary button functionality on the home screen, a few more features included are the market view, a learn section, and as easy access to customer support. 

The market view shows users everything they would like to know about the performance of nearly any cryptocurrency. By default, we display the top five currencies by market cap on the homescreen, but users can tap a “See All” button to view more. In doing so, users have the ability to select the currencies they have interest in and see the performance of that asset over the time period that they specify. 

The learn section includes useful information that any and all users will benefit from knowing. The information we’ve included in the learn section is: 

  1. A deep dive into the importance of self-custody.
  2. A guide on how to move crypto from top custodial exchanges into Edge.
  3. Details on how Edge’s unique password recovery system works, while still enabling users to retain full custody over their assets.

Directly below the learn section is easy access to our customer support. We believe that giving users the ability to talk to real humans is a must. Cryptocurrency can be confusing and we’re here to help. We take pride in making ourselves available to users and want them to have the ability to talk to a person rather than artificial intelligence or forcing them to scroll through endless articles to find answers to their questions.

As well, users can easily access individual assets within their account, and can also see their transaction history for individual assets. Individual assets can be accessed from the homescreen. After selecting an asset, users can dive into a particular asset in their account in order to see their transaction history with that asset:

These user experience changes, coupled with updated button styling, a fresh color palette, and more have given the app a modern, easy-to-use look and feel. 

Additional Updates

Beyond these user interface updates, we’ve added support for two new assets in Coreum and Osmosis. Coreum is the self-described world’s first “Superledger” built on the Cosmos SDK, designed as an architectural solution for enterprises of all sizes. The layer-1 blockchain provides ISO20022 compliance, IBC compatibility, and XRPL connectivity and scalability for economic transactions with programmable Smart Tokens.

Osmosis is a proof-of-stake blockchain built using the Cosmos SDK. It is built specifically to support automated market maker (AMM) applications, such as the Osmosis decentralized exchange. Both of these assets can easily be enabled in Edge by following these steps.

And finally, we’ve added the ability for users to stake TAROT and earn yield. To do so, users need to:

  1. Enable TAROT as an asset in Edge
  2. Tap on TAROT under the “Wallets” list and select “Earn”
  3. Select a staking option

A Fresh Look and More

With all of these updates in our 4.0 release we’ve tried to strike a balance between new features and assets for users to have access to, as well as increased usability and improved navigation within the app. Our intention with this overhaul was to further simplify Edge, making the app easy to navigate for users of all levels of experience. To stay up to date with future product announcements please subscribe to our newsletter below. For any customer support inquiries please send an email to support@edge.app, or try out the new support icon in the home screen of the app. Welcome to the new Edge – your simplified gateway to the world of cryptocurrency! 

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