Apple’s “Bold Stand” Has Always Been The Default For Airbitz

Apple CEO Tim Cook recently took a brave stand for encryption against the orders of state agencies that demanded his company build something that could endanger the entire mobile security landscape.

I stand with him and so does the rest of the Airbitz team. Building backdoors makes everyone more susceptible to attacks from criminals and you can’t control who has access to it. Considering the costly security mishaps of the FBI and NSA in the past, it’s clear they can’t be trusted with your sensitive, confidential information.

Strong encryption already protects us from the bad guys — that’s why it’s relied on by government agencies, private companies, and individuals alike. Encryption is a tool and just like any other tool, the person wielding it can have good or bad intentions, but you don’t stop a potentially life saving invention from being used just because a tiny minority of people abuse it.

Our platform has been built on these principles since day one. They are not an afterthought. They are not us hopping on the bandwagon of privacy. They are not us waking up to Snowden revelations. They’ve been at our core from inception.

In the same way Apple and Android devices give you access to high levels of unbreakable encryption, our entire platform is designed so that no one can have access to the data of the end user except that end user. It’s called zero-knowledge and it’s the future of private data storage and information security. By creating something that is private by default — even from the developers themselves — we’ve made strong encryption a standard.

There’s no reason that end-user device security shouldn’t be built-in by default.

In Tim Cook’s recent stance, he boasted about how Apple cannot break the encryption behind Apple’s iMessages. They have zero knowledge of people’s communication. I’ve always been impressed at the simplicity of iMessage. How it delivers end-to-end encryption without users dealing with cryptographic complexities. But note how Cook never mentioned anything about iCloud, iTunes, or any other Apple apps. That’s because with Apple, the zero-knowledge encryption ends with iMessage. With Airbitz, we’ve built an Edge Security platform that allows any app to provide the privacy of iMessage.

Our Edge Security model ensures that user data is safe by encrypting it locally on the device before it’s saved first on the device, then automatically backed up with zero-knowledge on our part. Even if ordered to surrender user data, Airbitz wouldn’t have the ability to access it. Our code is also open-source which means the community can audit us to keep us good on our word.

When we say zero-knowledge, we mean it. And even if Airbitz servers go down, you still have access to your data because it is encrypted locally on your device. The Airbitz SDK empowers any app with the zero knowledge privacy that Apple touts with iMessage.

Decentralization is key to Bitcoin’s success and is disrupting the security space as well.

Privacy by default, decentralization, and zero-knowledge are pillars of our Edge Security platform, and we aim to make it the default for all apps, all people, and in all countries.

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