Bitcoin Wallet Raises $450,000 in Funding

You may have seen Airbitz in the news recently, and we could not be more excited about why. We just closed an important funding round with our new partner, Block26. Their $450,000 investment is a vote of confidence in the Airbitz vision, the quality of our services, and the future of this company. Airbitz has received additional funding and is still in talks with additional investors to close the $1.25MM Seed Round.

In fact, this summer has been packed full of developments. The new funding comes amidst the rollout of our new iOS application, moving to larger office in the San Diego Gaslamp District, hiring new marketing personnel, and the imminent release of a new Android app and website. To say that we have been busy is an understatement! We are confident that with Block26 joining our team and becoming strategic partners in our business that we will be able to accomplish even more going forward.


Not only does Block26 have unique and powerful capabilities, but their expertise in the Bitcoin space is unmatched. They do business because they believe in the technology and its power to change the world. Airbitz exists for the same reason, making this partnership a natural fit. Block26 has also added Rick “Henri” Chan as an Advisor.

What is next?

We are continually looking for new ways to make our business transparent and accessible to our users. In the coming weeks, look for a new program called “How I Use Bitcoin”. We will be releasing videos of Airbitz staff using Bitcoin in their everyday lives — and we want you to participate! Stay tuned for details about the contest and how you can win BTC!

Paul Puey

–Paul Puey
Founder, CEO

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