BREAKING: Airbitz Releases New iOS and Android Apps


Airbitz has launched its most cutting edge mobile application yet for iOS and Android, which includes faster speeds, more intuitive UI, and enhanced security protocols. With this release, Airbitz builds on its reputation as the best wallet provider in the bitcoin industry.

Airbitz now supports all global fiat currency exchange rates with v1.5, making bitcoin even more useful worldwide.

Airbitz users expect to have the most secure wallet available, which is why the new application includes BIP70 Payment Protocol support and improved two-factor authentication (2FA) error handling. As always, users retain exclusive control over their bitcoin keys while enjoying the familiarity and ease of mobile banking. The absence of custodial oversight is central to the Airbitz model and is a leading reason why users frequently rank its wallet as one of the best in the world.


Among other highlights, the new application supports landscape viewing for iPads, responsive design to fit all iOS screen sizes, and use of the real bitcoin symbol instead of the Thai baht. The user interface has been completely redesigned for a native feel on iOS and Android.

iOS users gain beautiful, blurred translucency effects while Android users will experience clean Material Design throughout most of the app.

With a cleaner look, Airbitz focuses on intuitive ease of use, and now defaults to ‘bits’ as its primary denomination. These features along with the application’s enhanced performance make it the best on the market. To further improve usability, Airbitz now utilizes a unified Request screen with a QR code that dynamically changes as users change the request amount.


The renovated application adds small features that many users will enjoy. We know evangelists frequently want to quickly create a wallet for new users. Version 1.5 now lets you create an account without a password using just a username & PIN. We’ve also significantly increased the speed of transaction searches.

True to its mission, Airbitz’ new app is “amazingly simple yet feature rich and focused on ease of use and ease of security.” Download it today on iTunes and the Play Store.

Paul Puey

–Paul Puey
Founder, CEO

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