Buy & Sell Bitcoin with Glidera Now in Beta

At Airbitz, we pride ourselves on developing solutions that make heavy duty technologies easy for anyone to use. That’s what’s at the heart of our Edge Security platform. We want to deliver products that preserve the security, privacy, autonomy, and decentralization inherent in Satoshi’s vision while making these tools accessible to anyone with an internet connection, not just technology wizards. Everything in our roadmap adheres to this mandate.

Our mobile app serves as the proving ground for the functionalities we’re developing in the Edge Security platform. One-touch two factor authentication, automatic backups, data rollback, device synchronization, and more all accomplished with zero-knowledge and near-zero trust.

We are thrilled to announce that one of our most requested and anticipated features is entering beta testing, and we’d love for you to take part! The most often asked question that newbies ask upon signing up for an Airbitz account is, “How do I get bitcoin?” or “How can I buy and sell bitcoin for dollars?” Well, we no longer have to refer the folks asking this question to custodial (albeit user-friendly) services that effectively act as banks. That’s because we’ve added decentralized retail buying and selling of bitcoin to our technology stack.

We’re developing partnerships with brokerage services all over world to provide the easiest ramps in and out of digital currency that don’t require trust in a third party beyond the matching and settlement of the trade. Airbitz users have always enjoyed a zero knowledge relationship with us, and always will. However, as is true with any fiat-to-digital currency exchange, users will have to verify their identity with the brokerage service in order to transact.

Not only have we added decentralized retail buy/sell, but we’ve done so using the BitID protocol. Instead of creating a username and password to authenticate with a given service, BitID allows users to use their Bitcoin private key to access the service. Just another way we’re bringing robust security and ease-of-use together, where in the past a compromise between the two was required. This method for account logins is far more secure and far more convenient than flawed usernames and passwords.

Connecting to a financial service within our privacy-respecting mobile app using state-of-the-art security and authentication is just the tip of the iceberg. Our first broker partner, Glidera, will serve users in the US starting today with more partnerships in the works to serve users in Europe, Asia, South America, and more.

Create an account with Glidera from within the Airbitz mobile app using BitID. When you buy bitcoin, your digital currency funds show up in your Airbitz account automatically. When you sell bitcoin, your fiat funds show up automatically in your bank account. You can learn more, and stay in touch below. We have a limited number of invitations to share for the beta period of this exciting new functionality, so please sign up and get your spot in line!

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