Crowdfunding Airbitz with Title III

At Airbitz, we’re on a mission to put your information back into your hands. We’ve built a security model that protects users against the most common user errors, as well as the most common types of attacks. Our goal was to design a digital security experience that was robust enough to handle storage, backup, and synchronization of the most sensitive kinds of user data — such as private keys for digital assets — but familiar and easy enough for anyone to use. We believe in making the complexities associated with blockchains invisible to end-users so that anyone around the world can begin to use these brave new tools.

Development around Bitcoin and blockchain technology has accelerated over the past several years. But, this emerging industry has unique digital security needs that have hindered widespread adoption. Since the ideation stage of our company, our sights have been squarely set on this very problem. Developers all around the world are collaborating and building amazing technologies, but how will regular people be able to intuitively use this complicated stuff?


With the Airbitz mobile wallet, we delivered a user experience for securing Bitcoin that’s familiar to any user of mobile apps; softening the Bitcoin learning curve while still giving them complete control over their own Bitcoin private keys, accounting data, and authentication credentials for other apps and services. Once the app had been in the wild for sufficient time, the team realized that the Edge Security model developed for the mobile app would be in high demand by decentralized apps and blockchain developers throughout the industry. At the end of the day, all of these products require that a private key be secured by the end-user, and ideally only the end-user.

We were right. Developers of decentralized apps (dapps) are busy tackling the problem they aim to solve for their use case, but once they’ve done that developing their own private key security and account management for the users of their dapp is an entirely separate challenge. What if they could instead use something that’s open source, battle-tested, and plug and play?


We’ve been pretty quiet over the past few months as we optimize our Airbitz Edge Security SDK to meet the needs of blockchain-based and decentralized applications, but that is about to change in a big way. Consumer and enterprise blockchain products are now coming to market in droves, and with Airbitz they’re going to be able to attract mainstream users. Creating accounts and logging in no longer needs to be a tedious, high-friction experience.

If you’ve been following our story, you know that we’ve already begun working on integrations with some of the most highly anticipated decentralized app projects, including the Ethereum prediction market Augur. We will be announcing several more partnerships in the weeks and months to come, featuring some of the most recognizable projects in crypto. These integrations will help stitch the fabric of the cryptocurrency dapp ecosystem together and expand the imagination about the future of security UX.


Airbitz is embarking on the next phase of our journey, and we want to include as many members of the crypto community as possible to come along for the ride. We are committed to advancing the decentralization of technology services worldwide, but our appreciation for decentralization goes beyond system architecture. Many of us became attracted to Bitcoin because we saw that it would lead to the decentralization of financial services and investment opportunities to people around the world who’ve traditionally been denied access. Even outside of the Bitcoin/blockchain industry, we’ve seen the concept of decentralization inspire the transformation of society itself.

When the rules for Title III of the JOBS Act went into effect in the US last May, we saw another glaring example of a traditionally high barrier to entry coming crashing down. Before May 16th, non-accredited investors (Americans with a net worth less than $1,000,000) could legally go to any casino and “put it all on black,” but it was against the law for them to invest ideas or entrepreneurs they believed in.

We are incredibly excited to share that we’ve opened up a 30-day window for equity crowdfunding a significant portion of our current funding round using Lakeshore Energy Capital has lead our current investment round with a $150,000 investment and we’re now opening up this round to everyone worldwide. This is not a token sale or an ICO, but actual shares of equity in Airbitz. As a US-based company, we’ll be the first blockchain focused company to take advantage of Title III of the JOBS Act. Unlike some other crowdfunded crypto projects, you’ll have equity in the company you’re investing in. And to add to the historic nature of our offering, we worked closely with Wefunder and Bitpay to ensure that crypto lovers would be able to invest in Airbitz — and every other company on Wefunder — using Bitcoin instead of fiat currency. This is truly groundbreaking and we are extremely excited to be at the forefront of not only data security but financial inclusion.

In addition to Wefunder, we’ll also be open for accredited investors on, the stalwart equity funding portal for FinTech and blockchain companies.

We hope you’ll visit our company profiles on those two web portals, review our financial disclosures, explore our plans for the next wave of growth in this exciting industry, and consider going into business with us as we secure the future of blockchain technology. Join the Airbitz team in making history. retargeting pixel Skip to content