Edge Development Update

We’ve added the ability for users to select a preferred exchange provider or best exchange rate when swapping between crypto-assets. By default, Edge searches for the best price amongst our exchange providers but some users prefer using some exchanges over others. We’ve made sure that our users can always interact with the exchanges that meet their needs best.

We’ve also included a fix for our users that couldn’t send EOS out of their wallet. EOS, has experienced increasing demand for network resources over the last few months causing difficulties for users across the ecosystem. EOS requires users to stake a certain amount of the asset to gain access to network functionality. During times of severe congestion the amount required to stake can spike considerably, making it impossible for some users to move funds out of certain wallets. To solve this issue for our users we’ve teamed up with the EOS infrastructure team, Greymass. Greymass will be staking some of their allocation of CPU on behalf of our users, giving them the ability to transact again. If you were having issues with EOS before, the fix included in this release should do the trick. 

Let us know if you have any questions or issues by contacting support at support@edge.app. 

Release Notes v1.11.5:

-Exchange Settings now has an option to select Preferred Provider or Best Exchange Rate

-Implement Greymass Fuel for EOS send

-Visual and text updates

-Bug fixes

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