Edge Security: A New Paradigm in Privacy and Security

You’ve heard of InfoSec but here’s an introduction to EdgeSec (Edge Security). Bitcoin has helped many understand the importance of strong security when it comes to financial assets, but did you know that the same platform that our mobile app runs on can be used to secure other valuable data? What Bitcoin has done for money, Edge Security can do for data across a multitude of different applications.

What Is Edge Security?

Edge Security stands in contrast to enterprise security platforms whose centralized nature make them easier to attack and compromise. By decentralizing security to the edges — the devices people use — protecting data becomes more effective. Current platforms rely on securing servers that contain sensitive data but these servers are central points of failure and have been hacked multiple times over the years resulting in billions of dollars worth of data being stolen.

Why and How?

From an iCloud hack of celebrity pictures to embarrassing hacks of government agencies, the sensitive data stored on centralized servers provides a massive incentive for hackers, and these hacks will continue until we flip security on its head.

Airbitz’ Edge Security platform flips the tables on hackers by decentralizing data storage. It does this by marrying six principles that have been historically separate:

  • Data encryption
  • Data backup
  • Synchronization across devices
  • Revision history/Data rollback (for corrupted or unintentionally edited data)
  • One touch two factor authentication
  • Zero knowledge password recovery of encrypted data

We’ve demonstrated that all of these components can be successfully combined with our mobile app, but Edge Security extends to a huge variety of services, from financial applications to the Internet of Things and even to highly sensitive medical records. Our platform allows developers to secure data on end user devices so that the owner of the private information has complete control of their data and is not dependent on a centralized security provider and a centralized server.

Edge Security confronts hackers by removing the single server target and scattering data. With client side encryption, your device’s data can’t be accessed without a key that you hold. The user will have more autonomy than ever before in securing their information. Decentralization is empowering and while strong security has been difficult to teach to others, Edge Security simplifies it with an easy to use, intuitive platform.

Financial Information Security

So what can Edge Security be applied to? Take for example a program like Quickbooks which allows users to organize their financial information. By applying Edge Security to financial management apps, users could secure the device holding the sensitive data by encrypting it and restrict access by other parties who do not have the key to decrypt it. One would be able to synchronize this information across devices so that it’s easily accessible and the data would be automatically backed up — no more losing information because of forgetfulness. The Edge Security platform would allow the data to be rolled back if somehow damaged and in the case that a password is forgotten, a zero knowledge password recovery method would be available through the familiar process of security questions.

Healthcare Data Security

This platform can be helpful for industries that handle sensitive data such as medical offices. One of the largest problems with medical data is that the information passes across several channels, many of which are insecure, and one breach is significantly damaging to patients and doctors. A major breach can expose the identities of millions of people, causing incalculable financial and emotional suffering. Medical ID theft is a growing problem, but by simplifying the flow of data and allowing it to be secured locally, it can be made substantially harder for hackers to do.

User Authentication

Authentication systems can also benefit from Edge Security and eliminate the myriad of usernames and passwords users have to remember for each website and app. Secure authentication via private key cryptography has been available for decades and provides both a more secure method and a far better user experience in contrast to conventional usernames and passwords. The challenge has been securing the sensitive private keys for authentication. Until Edge Security, the technology to secure those keys was unavailable to the masses and relegated to technologists. Now everyone can take advantage of this easier and more secure authentication method that could finally eliminate the password nightmare.

Secure Messaging Apps

Private information should be kept private and Edge Security is especially well suited for highly valuable, sensitive information. This data includes things like private messages as well. As people become more privacy minded in the wake of news regarding government snooping, some have turned to tools like Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) encryption for their email and the popularity of private text messaging apps continues to grow.

While PGP is a mainstay for the privacy concerned it can be difficult for some to set up and its biggest challenges have been the security, backup, and synchronization of encryption keys for communication. Edge Security could help protect classified correspondence with more flexibility and resilience than current models while also making it simple for the user to understand and use because the security is working in the background. Cryptographically protected speech can be for everyone and Edge Security makes it to where there is no compromise between high security standards and ease of use.

Edge Security has no fine print; our platform is open and can be used by developers across multiple applications. While concern grows over security breaches in all areas where valuable data is held and transmitted, the people need better standards that are safe and easy to implement. We believe we’ve accomplished this synergy with our existing mobile app for bitcoin but it is the underlying technology of Edge Security that provides the ability for it to scale to multiple use cases. The time is now for resilient, robust services that empower users with the confidence that they control their most valuable data and Edge Security is the next step in the evolution of security platforms.

For more information on Edge Security review our white paper. Also stay tuned for future blog posts breaking down the details for each part of our Edge Security platform.

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