Edge Wallet Development Update

This week we launched a smaller point release of Edge with a strong focus on bug fixes, stability, and UI polish. While you may not notice much new functionality, we bug slayed quite a bit these past few weeks to give you a more stable Edge Wallet. Included in this release:

  •  Fix BIP70 support for Bitcoin Cash. You can now pay BCH Bitpay invoices
  •  Change warning text when doing Edge Login to full access application. When scanning a barcode to use Edge Login, some apps may request access to your full account. We’ve made this extra clear on the confirmation screen.
  • Add XMR/XRP PaymentID/Destination Tag button to Send Confirmation screen. Now it’s easier to add a Payment ID or Destination Tag right before sending funds.
  •  Show 2FA reset warning as soon as app launches for all accounts on device. No need to login to an account to see a warning if your 2FA has been requested to be reset. As soon as app is launched, all accounts that have been logged into your device get checked for a reset request.
  • Speed up logins by moving 2FA reset check to background. Prior to this fix, the app would wait for a response or timeout from our servers before finishing the login
  •  Add device size based font/button scaling to create account screens. Large screens such as tablets will now use larger fonts and buttons to maximize visibility. Currently only on the account creation screen but we intend to have this throughout the app in our next release.
  • Show denomination when getting max amount error at exchange screen
  • Fix crash when user taps on incoming funds dropdown
  • Fix editing of fiat amount in transaction details if using foreign locale. Now you can use a locale that uses a comma as a decimal separator when editing the fiat value of a past transaction
  •  Fix many small UI glitches throughout app
  • Add Terms of Service menu button to the side menu and Setting screen

We hope you enjoy this release. Give v1.3.3 a try and let us know how you like it.

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