Edge Wallet Development Update v1.8.4

To lead off this release we’ve added an exciting new exchange, Totle, to our suite of crypto-to-crypto exchanges Edge connects its users to. The Totle API, which aggregates top permission-less DEXs, pools the liquidity of a fragmented but incredibly valuable and secure ecosystem for users to trade ERC-20 tokens. This gives our users that hold ERC-20 tokens access to a much greater pool of liquidity.

In addition, our Simplex sell functionality is officially out of beta and available for all of our European users. Simplex sell enables users to sell their crypto directly to their credit cards. You read that right, you can pay off your credit cards with crypto. Simplex plans to roll this out to more regions as quickly as possible.

To round out the release we added a new asset, Ravencoin. Ravencoin is a fork of Bitcoin, with built in token support at the protocol level. Its designed for the efficient creation and transfer of tokenized assets.

Release Notes for v1.8.4:

-Simplex sell for European users
-Totle DEX ERC-20 exchange
-Ravencoin support

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