Introducing En[crypt]ed: A Weekly Newsletter Focused On Delivering Digestible Crypto News

My fellow Cryptopians. For years, Edge has been in the trenches building our product through the many ups and downs that this Wild West world of crypto has been through. From Mt. Gox hacks, to trillion dollar market caps, and everything in between, we’ve been fortunate enough to ride this wave with you and plan to do so long into the future.

At Edge, our primary focus is, has been, and always will be our product.

We fundamentally believe that providing a top quality application to users looking to have full, unimpeded access to, and control over their assets and data, is at the core of what makes Bitcoin, and digital assets as a whole, such a unique and valuable innovation.

In striving to build our product we’ve learned a ton. We’ve had the opportunity to interface with many different companies, thought leaders, and valuable users through our various support channels. In the midst of all of this learning, something our company has needed for a while — hand up, we admit it — is a strong focus not only on our product, but on our marketing, messaging, and overall brand awareness. In the same way we feel that it’s our responsibility to put out a quality product, we also feel strongly about propagating quality information into the ecosystem.

Over the next year and many more to come, we’re going to be making a lot of updates, not only at the app level, but at the information level as well. Our goal is to serve our users with a quality product and to serve the crypto ecosystem with quality information they can trust. 

Introducing En[crypt]ed: Digestible Crypto News

One small step in that direction is our announcement today. Today, we’re introducing “En[crypt]ed” — a weekly newsletter focused on delivering digestible crypto news. Think of this as your quality signal amidst a lot of industry noise.

In our continued effort to onboard the world to crypto, we’re announcing one small step among many in our pipeline to deliver digestible content to our email subscribers on a weekly cadence. We know this space can feel confusing for new entrants and vets alike, but no matter the age of your battle scars, we’re dedicated to helping guide you through the most important topics today in crypto.

For those that are interested, we’d love to have you join us on this ride. For those that need to check us out a bit more before committing, no pressure, we’ll be here. And for those that simply can’t commit to one more newsletter, we feel that. But think of us if you change your mind ????.

If you’re ready to help grow the Edge brand alongside us please enter your email below, and even better, share this with your mom and convince her to subscribe while you’re at it! We promise to keep this a mom-friendly feed.

All the best from team Edge, and keep your eyes peeled for exciting announcements to come!

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