Matryx teams up with Airbitz


Airbitz Inc is partnering with Matryx, a platform for decentralized collaboration, to increase the usability and security of the Matryx user experience.

Matryx is laser focused on facilitating collaboration within the STEM fields and crucial to that goal of increased collaboration is incentivizing contributions to projects and rewarding those contributions in a fair way. Tokens and smart contracts are solutions that Matryx will be employing to aid in incentivizing contributions and rewarding contributions across a world-wide network of STEM collaborators. Matryx will leverage the Airbitz Edge Security SDK which is equipped with the tools Matryx needs to make their user experience enjoyable, safe, and private.

Users of the Matryx platform will be able to sign in to the platform by creating a familiar username/password combo that will automatically client-side encrypt and backup their private keys with no additional steps from the users. All of this happens with a zero-knowledge architecture so that neither, Airbitz or Matryx has any access to user’s keys or private information.

“We believe users should be in control of their own assets and effectively manage their own private keys. Through our partnership with Airbitz we are adding value to our customers by offering a secure and reliable private key management system while they interact with the Matryx platform.” — Steve McCloskey CEO, Matryx

“Airbitz is excited to partner with organizations like Matryx to bring zero-knowledge security solutions to its users. Projects like Matryx are the first glimpse into how blockchains will be used as tools to do many things in a new way. They have an excellent team with a proven track record delivering products to market” — Paul Puey CEO, Airbitz

Matryx joins the growing list of premier blockchain applications utilizing Airbitz Edge Security including Augur, the decentralized prediction market,, a platform to create and manage DAOs, OpenLedger a decentralized asset exchange, and Cashaa, a blockchain remittance platform. Airbitz is excited to continue building a Single-Sign-On ecosystem of blockchain applications for users to interact with safely and privately.

For those that are interested, Matryx is in the middle of their “Initial Coin Offering”(ICO) and there is still time left to purchase their MTX tokens!

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