New Merchant Listings for Italy!

After more meticulous research, we’ve added more new merchants to our directory. This time we’re featuring some awesome additions for Italy. Known for its diverse climate and rich history, Italy has several businesses who support Bitcoin and are adding more every day.

So far we’ve added a whopping 95 businesses in Italy to the directory, with 69 of the 95 residing in physical locations 26 primarily online. Let’s explore what some of these new additions have to offer.

A beautiful custom cake by Pasiticceria Mimosa

A beautiful custom cake by Pasiticceria Mimosa

Looking for a destination wedding? Visit Michela Elite for their wide selection of elegant dresses, suits, and accessories. The groom can stay looking sharp by getting his hair trimmed at Salone Boschetto in Cavalese. Because bitcoin is free for merchants to accept they can pass the savings onto you — save 2% when you use bitcoin to buy jewelry at Gioielleria Antonelli. Celebrate any special occasion with a quality, custom cake by Pasticceria Mimosa.

If you need a place to stay be sure to check out one of the many hotels featured: Hotel Boston and Hotel Sole e Mare are both near the beach, Cascina La Famo is in the heart of wine country, or try Hotel Rovereto which celebrates Italy’s powerful art history tucked away between mountains and the beautiful historic center of Rovereto.

For authentic Italian cuisine, head on over to Parabiago to enjoy Piaceri & Pasticci. They also can make personalized, customized catering to suit your needs and boast an impressive craft beer and wine selection. Looking for something more casual with an Argentinian flair? Visit the bar and restaurant Buenos Aires in Cecina for a unique experience that celebrates South American culture in Italy.

Tech is creating amazing opportunities for future generations, and that is a philosophy taken to heart by Campus La Camilla, a school in Italy that accepts bitcoin. They encourage students to learn programming and other skills in a judgement free, expressive environment. Not a tech savvy kid? Get some tech support assistance with bitcoin at iCorner.

A glimpse of the future!

A glimpse of the future at Campus La Camilla!

We’re so pleased to announce this broad range of merchants taking bitcoin in Italy and be sure check out all the other cool places featured in our directory. We’re constantly adding new places and you may be surprised at the huge variety of businesses jumping on board to experience the ease of use and protection offered by Bitcoin. Are you a merchant who takes bitcoin or a customer who has the low down on a business that does? Feel free to submit your additions on our submissions page and subscribe to our newsletter to get timely and tactful updates.

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