Official Announcement on the Status of the Edge Card

Official Announcement on the Edge Card

First and foremost, we want to say thank you for the excitement that we have seen from the community with respect to our card launch yesterday as well as the numerous outlets that have helped to raise awareness of our announcement. We sincerely apologize to any users that have been negatively impacted by the unanticipated challenges we have encountered while launching this product. We hope to provide some clarity around this situation. 

With our announcement receiving a lot of attention across the community yesterday, users will notice that the messaging on our website regarding the card has been temporarily removed and the use of the card inside of our app has been temporarily disabled.

As noted in our announcement, this program is in full compliance with the rules and regulations as set forth by regulatory bodies and our card issuer’s templated card program.

With this said, at this time, we have been asked to take down our content and put on hold the availability of the card program while we work diligently with our card program manager and card issuer to resolve these unanticipated challenges as quickly as we can.

Rest assured that nobody’s funds are at risk. Any users who would like refunds for their topped up cards may contact us at We can assure you that all parties involved are putting 100% of their efforts into resolving this successfully and as quickly as possible, and we appreciate your patience as we work to do so.

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