Pssst…We’re Not Just A Mobile App

Airbitz. Oh yeah, they’re that bitcoin app, right?

Kind of. But not really. Airbitz is much more than that. We are working on something bigger than just a standalone app and while we won’t reveal the details just yet, we wanted to share a small taste of what you can expect to see in the upcoming weeks and months.

We understand why people think of us as just an app since that’s what we’ve showed the world thus far. However, we’ve built the Airbitz app on a mobile friendly Edge Security platform that enables a massive increase in privacy and security. This platform will soon be available for use by other developers and their apps. What bitcoin is doing for money, we’ll be doing for other valuable data. Using the core fundamentals of Edge Security, Airbitz will enable a wave of private, secure, zero-knowledge, decentralized applications and make them as easy to secure as we’ve made Bitcoin.

All across the news, you hear of the hacks taking place. Target lost over 30 million credit card numbers, Ashley Madison had their entire website hacked and every day, this type of news continues to make headlines across the world. Demands from customers and legislators for heightened security before a hack happens have only increased and will continue to do so. It’s past time for security to meet the level of privacy that valuable, sensitive data requires.

We’re living in exciting yet turbulent times and as more and more people come online, security will only become more important. Edge Security is the solution to these problems and Airbitz will lead the charge to ensure the technology spreads to billions of users across the world.

So, in short: we’re just getting started.

Paul Puey
Co-founder & CEO of Airbitz

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