Using the Airbitz Widget with Your iPhone or iPad

Our widget makes an easy bitcoin experience even easier for iPhone users. Though the feature has been available for awhile, we wanted to highlight this little nugget that increases ease of use even more. In this video, CEO and co-founder Paul Puey explains how to enable the widget to start enjoying an even more seamless Airbitz experience.

First, you’ll want to enable widgets on your iPhone since they are disabled by default. Do this by pulling down from the top on your home screen (make sure the tab labeled “Today” is selected) and scrolling down until you see the “Edit” button. Select “Edit” and you’ll see a list of widgets to enable. Go to the Airbitz widget and press the green plus button next to the widget. After pressing the plus button, the widget will be placed the top of the screen, then press “Done”.

Your widget is enabled! Now, you’ll notice a QR code and BitID login/Scan QR code options hanging out there when you pull the menu down. This allows you to send or receive payments or login with BitID on supported sites. Receive payment automatically with the QR code shown or select “Scan QR code” to launch the app automatically. It can be used peer-to-peer, for sites such as, or logging into your Glidera account.

You can have multiple accounts within the Airbitz app, but only one QR code will be shown. To choose which wallet to use, go into your Airbitz app and select the wallet of your choice. This QR code can be changed at any time and the last wallet used will be the one shown in the widget.

We hope you enjoyed this tutorial! Leave any feedback in the comment section or on our social media sites.

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