WINGS and Airbitz Team Up

We’re extremely excited to announce our partnership with an innovative project called WINGS (, a decentralized platform to create, join and manage decentralized autonomous organizations colloquially known as “DAOs”. WINGS will enable a new generation of DAOs for Bitcoin and other blockchains. The partnership provides WINGS with our Edge Security platform which will make the private key management of DAOs more frictionless and secure.

DAOs are a new organizational form that allow for trustless contracts between globally distributed participants, bringing another level of productivity and efficiency to projects that can span across borders. WINGS combines the DAO concept with decision-making using decentralized forecast markets, while making all of this easily accessible to anyone with a smart phone.

“We’re excited to partner with Airbitz and offer this to the WINGS DAO community,” said Boris Povod, WINGS Core Developer. “Airbitz lets people easily interact with DAOs using stored encrypted private keys, and anyone can login simply with a username/password.”

“WINGS, much like Airbitz, is committed to delivering a user-friendly experience for people interested in using blockchain assets in their applications,” said Airbitz CEO Paul Puey. “Our partnership with WINGS will make interacting with the next generation of DAOs a seamless and accessible experience. We’re proud to add Wings to the growing list of premier blockchain apps powered by Airbitz Edge Security.”

We are currently in the middle of a financing round via for non-accredited investors, and on for accredited investors. To date, we’ve raised over $450,000 from more than 200 different investors in only a week. To participate in Airbitz’s equity funding campaign, please visit:

To learn more about Airbitz’s Edge Security SDK, please visit:

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