7 Ways to Spend Bitcoin in San Diego

If you’re new to the bitcoin scene in San Diego, then it can sometimes be quite a challenge finding a place to spend your bitcoin, especially making an in store purchase. While major online retailers such as Overstock.com, Newegg, Tiger Direct, Expedia, Dell, and Dish have made it easier for us to spend bitcoin and for all the other major retailers that don’t accept bitcoin directly, services like Gyft and E-Gifter makes it possible for you to spend your bitcoin nearly anywhere while also enjoying a 3% or more discount.

But, what about supporting local businesses in the area that take bitcoin directly?

In addition to using Airbitz’s business directory, here are seven ways to spend your bitcoin in San Diego.

  1. Office Space
Union CoWork
  1. Restaurants / Food
City Tacos
  1. Dental Services
  2. Bars
Rooted Kava Bar
  1. Restaurants / Bars
Downtown Johnny Brown's
  1. Legal Services
  1. Automotive
Lamborghini Newport Beach
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