Bitcoin Cash Hard Fork Update

In a previous post, before the planned Bitcoin Cash hard-fork, we communicated to our users the possibility of a chain split, what our position was, and what users should do and not do. Now that the fork has passed we have more clarity on the situation and can move forward.

We stated in our first blog post that we’ve been running the Bitcoin ABC implementation and would continue to support Bitcoin ABC as the canonical Bitcoin Cash. This played out in the post-fork market with exchanges and other economic players keeping the BCH ticker attached to the Bitcoin ABC implementation and giving the Satoshi’s Vision implementation its own unique ticker symbol(BSV), treating it as a separate chain.

In our next point release, we will allow BCH holders to split their funds into a Bitcoin SV(BSV) wallet. We will also add in a special OP code for BSV which will act as replay protection for both blockchains. For users that do split funds you’ll be able to send and receive both coins without the risk of a replay attack.

The ability to split your BCH holdings should be pushed out early next week. If you have any questions reach out to our support at retargeting pixel Skip to content