Bitcoin Destinations in Bali

The island of Bali in Indonesia is known for its gorgeous views, vibrant art scene, and home to the Indonesian International Film Festival. The temperate climate brings tourists and other adventurers year round.

We’re happy to feature some of the amazing merchants who accept bitcoin for their services in Bali. Start the day out right with a nice cup of coffee at Seniman Coffee Studio. At Seniman, special care is taken to create everything in-house from the roasting of the coffee beans to the handpicked music playlist. They are open 24 hours a day so anytime is a good time to stop on in.

A quaint representation of Seniman's beverages.

A quaint representation of Seniman’s beverages.

Looking for upscale cuisine? Visit CasCades for striking scenery and unique dishes. CasCades is an awards winning restaurant located 5 minutes away from the centre of Ubud Bali on the ridge overlooking the luscious Valley of the Kings. The restaurant, owned by an Australian family, makes a great romantic getaway and features rare Australian cuisine.

CasCades makes for an excellent romantic getaway.

CasCades makes for an excellent romantic getaway.

If you’re in Bali for business and need to get some work done, Hubud hosts a cool coworking space with an inventive team of “creatives, techies, entrepreneurs and business folk, change-makers, down-shifters and truth-seekers” according to their site. Stop in for some collaboration or to refocus your work goals. The Onion Collective also offers an innovative coworking space complete with their own Asian-Fusion recipes and a relaxing pool.

Artists having a laugh at Hubud.

Artists having a laugh at Hubud.

When the work is done and you need to relax, look no further than Lembah Spa overlooking the beautiful Petanu River gorge. Lembah Spa combines Western knowledge of therapeutic remedies with traditional Balinese wellness treatments handed down over centuries. Lembah’s local therapists have been professionally trained by accredited Swiss therapists and you can take advantage of these treatments in an environment focused on your privacy.

Lembah Spa's resplendent view.

Lembah Spa’s resplendent view.

Viceroy Bali situated in Bali’s “Valley of the Kings” is a five star resort that also provides privacy and comfort during your visit. With its many private pool villas, Viceroy Bali is known as a secret tropical hideaway by repeat international travelers.

Relax at one of Viceroy Bali's many private pool villas.

Relax at one of Viceroy Bali’s many private pool villas.

Don’t leave Bali without stopping by Sanur Jewellry Studio to get a gift for a friend or learn how to make jewelry on your own. Their workshops teach you the intricacies of working with silver to create one of a kind jewellry you won’t find anywhere else in the world.

Learn how to work silver into unique jewelry at Sanjur Jewellry Studio.

Learn how to turn silver into unique jewelry at Sanjur Jewellry Studio.

Head over to our directory page for Bali to check out all the other great places Bali has to offer that support bitcoin. Cheers, or as they say in Bali, santi!

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