Bitcoin NFC Tap to Pay

Paying with Bitcoin just got even easier!

Using the Airbitz Android app, you can now send and receive Bitcoin using your device’s built in NFC (or near-field communication) capability.

The technology behind NFC is the modern predecessor to RFID (radio-frequency identification), which gives you the ability to transfer small amounts of data between two devices held in close proximity — a few centimeters or less — to one another. Unlike Bluetooth, NFC does not require a pairing code or manually set up connections between phones. NFC connects automatically, within a fraction of a second, using very little battery power.

With NFC support on Android and Bluetooth (BLE) support on iPhone/iOS, we’re pushing the fluidity and ease of use of Bitcoin wallets to new levels.

In the short video below we show you how easy it is to send Bitcoin with NFC using the Airbitz mobile app.

Video Overview

Hi Everyone — we’re going to take a quick look at the Airbitz NFC Functionality.

We have two Android devices with Airbitz wallets, and Tim is going to request money from Damian.

Tim presses the request button, enters the amount he wishes to request, and hits “Next” to continue — keep in mind, Damian does not have to have Airbitz open on his phone.

Place the phones back to back, and touch to beam request to other wallet.

Airbitz automatically launches on Damian’s phone, and the Bitcoin request from Tim appears.

Damian slides to confirm the request on his phone, and off the Bitcoin goes.

Within a few seconds, Tim receives the Bitcoin from Damian.

There you go, that’s how easy it is to use NFC using the Airbitz Bitcoin wallet.

The Airbitz Bitcoin wallet app allows you to create unlimited HD wallets. Only a login and a password are required, and none of your data ever leaves your mobile device without being encrypted. Unlike other wallet solutions, when you use Airbitz you are always in control of your private keys.

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