My Entry into Bitcoin

I first heard about bitcoin in the middle of 2013 from Cody Willard, a financial blogger from Wall St (ironically), who I followed for years and was slightly bullish and recommended his readers put 1% into BTC. I did just that. The next month saw bitcoin bleed in value from $130 to $60, during which I intensely studied it via articles, blogs, and podcasts. The research culminated with 14 hours of Let’s Talk Bitcoin while on a road trip to/from Yosemite for a climbing trip. Afterwards, I felt fully educated and convinced it was the next big revolution in history. I sunk a scary percentage of my assets into bitcoin. Contrary to what people recommend, it was more than I could comfortably afford to lose.

At this point I felt compelled to get deeply involved. For one, bitcoin completed a circle of distrust of establishment that I’ve had for years. Starting with the corrupt food industry, to big pharma, doctors, nutritionalists, and coming full circle with banks and government. I felt helpless against all these establishments. But with Bitcoin I finally felt empowered to do something about it.

With my background in technology and business, I felt comfortable tackling a much needed segment of the Bitcoin ecosystem: consumer wallets and business directories. This was too great an opportunity to let slide. And not so much a financial opportunity, but an opportunity to make a name for myself, my partners, and company, Airbitz, as being a major part of Bitcoin and the financial revolution.

Paul Puey

CEO / Co-Founder

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