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At Airbitz, we’re passionate about bringing ease of use and simplicity to the Bitcoin ecosystem. In Oct of last year we launched our mobile iPhone & Android wallet with the first implementation of payment via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) helping eliminate the need to scan clunky QR codes. Today we’ve launched an update to our Android app that now also supports the Bluetooth protocol with cross compatibility to and from iPhone devices. We’re happy to continue innovating in the Bitcoin space and hope to bring even more ease of use in the coming months.

See our press release below:


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Airbitz Launches Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Bitcoin Payments on Android 5.0

SAN DIEGO, CA — Feb 17, 2015 — Airbitz today announced the release of v 1.4.2 of their Android mobile bitcoin wallet allowing payments utilizing Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). The Airbitz core focus on ease of use encouraged the development of Bluetooth payments to eliminate the frustrations of scanning QR codes which can be very challenging in bright lights, in outdoor sun, with cracked screens, or poorly focusing cameras.

Airbitz was the first to launch the ability to pay bitcoin via BLE on iPhone back in October 2014 with the initial launch of their wallet. Two users in close proximity can pay each other wirelessly without bluetooth pairing.

With the launch of new Bluetooth capabilities in Android 5.0, Airbitz now also the first to support bluetooth for sending bitcoin on most Android 5.0 devices, and for send and receive on Nexus 6 & Nexus 9. The Airbitz protocol is compatible between iPhone and Android devices allowing payments to and from each type of device.

The protocol for payments via BLE is an open standard currently being reviewed by the Bitcoin core developer community. Airbitz looks forward to collaboration with other developers to help improve and secure the protocol to help drive its adoption in other wallets and payment processors.

About Airbitz
Airbitz was founded in January 2014. We aim to bring bitcoin to the next billion users through an amazingly simple yet feature rich mobile wallet focused on ease of use and ease of security. Our focus is to deliver software with an amazing user experience, both visually and functionally, simplifying this advanced technology and delivering it to the masses while still retaining Bitcoin’s core principles of decentralization and privacy. For more information, visit and follow us at

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