Edge: A Global Self-Custody Exchange

NOTE: Wyre announced on June 16, 2023 that they will cease operations. All users must remove funds by July 14, 2023. New accounts will no longer be available.  For more information please refer to their blog article: https://blog.sendwyre.com/wyre-operations-update-712a6d084229

Through our various exchange partners, Edge users are able to exchange their local fiat currency for crypto, as well as swap from one crypto to another crypto all on their mobile device. 

 Edge users are able to make these exchanges without another entity holding their assets and instead have sole control over their assets once purchased. This reduces the risk of third party failure individuals take on when leaving assets on an exchange and it also reduces the risk posed to the ecosystem of too much money being held by too few institutions. 

Edge is a global, self custody exchange. 

Below is a breakdown of our fiat to crypto exchange partners, what regions they serve, and what payment methods are available. 

Global Coverage


Simplex is an Israeli fintech company that provides worldwide fraud-free payment processing. Simplex integrates with many crypto platforms like Edge helping users all around the world buy cryptocurrency with their credit card. The company has nearly complete global coverage, so if you live somewhere on planet Earth they’ll probably be able to service your exchange request! 

Assets Supported: BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC, BSV

Payment Methods: Visa, Mastercard


MoonPay is a Malta based exchange that services Europe and many other regions. In addition to credit and debit card support, they also allow users to buy crypto with Apple Pay. 


Payment Methods: Apple Pay, Credit Cards

United States


Wyre is a US-based exchange focused on onboarding users into crypto via bank accounts and other payment cards. They’ve developed easy-to-use tools for developers who want to onboard new users but don’t want to do all of the heavy lifting Wyre has already done. 

Assets Supported: BTC, ETH, DAI, USDC

Payment Methods: US Bank Account


Liberty-X is America’s largest network of bitcoin ATMs, cashiers, and kiosks that sell bitcoin for cash.. LibertyX was also an exchange partner in our first product, Airbitz (bitcoin wallet). 

Assets Supported: BTC

Payment Methods: USD Cash, Debit Card



Bity is a Swiss exchange that services users with a European bank account and allows users to buy and sell up to 5’000 CHK a day without providing any personal information. 

Assets Supported: BTC, ETH, REP

Payment Methods: European Bank Account

Bits of Gold: 

Bits of Gold is an Israel-based exchange that serves users with European and/or Israeli bank accounts. Right now, Bits of Gold only supports selling BTC, but will enable buying in the not too distant future. 

Assets Supported: BTC, ETH

Payment Methods: SEPA


Banxa is an Australian exchange that’s created an easy to use plug and play fiat on-ramp for platforms like Edge. They support SEPA bank transfers, credit cards, iDEAL, and Sofort payment methods.

Assets Supported: BTC, ETH, LTC, BSV, USDT, USDC

Payment Methods: SEPA, credit cards, iDEAL, & Sofort


Safello is a European based exchange that only supports buying right now, but plans on supporting sell . Our Swedish users are able to take advantage of their support for “Swish”, a popular Swedish payment method. 

Assets Supported: BTC, ETH

Payment Methods: Credit Cards, Swish (Sweden)



Banxa is an Australian exchange that’s created an easy to use plug and play fiat on-ramp for platforms like Edge. They support the popular Australian payment method, Poli, which connects Australian bank accounts to online commerce. They also support the Newsagent network, which connects users to a network of locations that sell bitcoin for cash. 

Assets Supported: BTC, ETH, LTC, USDT

Payment Methods: Poli, PayID, Credit & Debit card, Newsagent, Australia Post


Bits of Gold supports Israeli bank accounts in addition to their European bank support.. Selling crypto to an Israeli bank account is enabled now, while buying crypto will be enabled in the near future. 

Assets Supported: BTC, ETH

Payment Methods: Israeli Bank Account

Edge currently has comprehensive coverage for the exchange needs of users in the United States and Europe. Our goal is to expand our offerings in other regions so we can onboard many more people into crypto-assets, in as many jurisdictions as possible, in as many ways as possible. Stay on the lookout for exchange integrations that give users in different parts of the world more choice in how they on and off board between crypto and their local fiat currencies.  

Crypto to Crypto

Above, we talked about fiat-to-crypto exchange partners, and below we’ll give a shout out to our exchange partners who power our crypto-to-crypto price hunting engine. This engine pulls in the best swap price for the particular asset pair a user is trying to exchange.

For example, if a user wants to swap $100 worth of Ether for some Dogecoin, our price hunting engine will ping our eight exchange partners for price quotes on the requested exchange. The engine will pick the best price among the prices quoted and show the best price quote to the user. The user doesn’t have to manually hunt across exchanges for the best price for their particular request, it’s all done instantly by Edge. 

Our Crypto-to-Crypto exchanges:

Fox Exchange

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