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How To Add ERC20 Tokens To Edge

While logged into your wallet, click the three-dot dropdown to the right of an Ethereum wallet. Select “Manage Tokens” and then “Add.”

The next screen will require you to add the token name, token code, contract address, and number of decimals. Coinmarketcap.com is a good place to find this information. I used TRON for this example:

Token wallets will appear under your Ethereum wallet. Because Edge isn’t an exchange, we use APIs from ShapeShift and Coinbase. This means if your token is not listed on either of their services, we can’t reliably determine the price. For example, since SPANK isn’t listed on either, we can’t display its price, only the number of coins held in the wallet. SALT, on the other hand, is listed on Shapeshift and price information is listed inside the wallet.

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