How to Claim Your BSV With Replay Protection

Our latest release (v1.4.4) will allow users to split their Bitcoin Cash (BCH) holdings into BCH and BSV compatible wallets. Included in the split function is some home-brewed replay protection. Replay protection was not added at the protocol level of the BCH-BSV chain-split but we were able to implement replay protection for Edge users which prevents funds from one chain from being spent on another.

If you hold BCH and don’t have an Edge Wallet, that’s ok, you can download the Edge Wallet today, set up an account and send your BCH from another wallet into Edge. Once the funds are confirmed you can use our splitting function with built in replay protection.

To split and replay protect your funds:

1. Tap the 3 dots to the right of a Bitcoin Cash (BCH) wallet

2. Choose Split BitcoinSV

3. Note the message that appears. The split operation will create a new Bitcoin SV wallet with your prior (pre-split) transactions. It will also create transactions in both the BCH and new BSV wallet. These transactions are to replay protect your funds. Your BCH funds will be spent back to yourself and incur a small network fee. Please wait for those transactions to confirm before spending your funds on either wallet.

4. Tap [ Split ] on the Popup

5. Done! You should now have a new BSV wallet with the same name as the original BCH wallet.

As mentioned above, wait for the new transactions to confirm before spending funds. After which, each wallet will be spending funds only on the BCH or BSV chains. Note that newly incoming funds to your wallet that aren’t already split could still be double spent on both networks. You’ll need to redo the split operation to protect them.

In addition to the BCH/BSV splitting feature, we also improved login performance and general connectivity to public nodes of bitcoin related networks.

Release Notes for v1.4.4

  • Add ability to split BCH wallets into BSV wallets
  • Add replay protection to BCH/BSV wallets
  • Improve login performance
  • Fix bug that caused XRP and XLM to re-query all transactions at each login
  • Improve connectivity to nodes for bitcoin related assets(BTC, BCH, LTC, DASH, etc)

Version 1.4.4 is now available for download on iOS and Android. retargeting pixel Skip to content