Sell Crypto Remotely for Cash

In the latest release of Edge, users all over the world can sell crypto remotely for cash!

In a partnership with one of the leading blockchain companies in Canada, Bitaccess, Edge users can leverage Bitaccess’s global ATM network to sell their Bitcoin “remotely” to a bitcoin ATM and stop by later to redeem their cash. 

Ordinarily, when selling BTC at a kiosk or ATM, sellers must go to a specific location, send bitcoin to the operator’s address, and then wait for at least one and sometimes more network confirmations to receive their cash. This can take 10-30 minutes; a long time to sit and wait for a cash withdrawal. 

However, with the latest release of Edge, if a user would like to sell their Bitcoin for cash, they can sell their BTC remotely on their mobile device, carry on with their day, and once the transaction has been confirmed they can visit the kiosk or ATM at their own convenience and collect the cash immediately upon arrival. This is a big improvement in user experience and we’re excited to partner with Bitaccess to make this happen.

How to Use Bitaccess in Edge:

Go to the main menu and Tap on “Sell Cryptocurrency”
Select Your Region
Tap on the “Cash” option Powered by Bitaccess
Find a BTM location near you and tap on that location.
Confirm your phone number.
Select the asset you wish to sell
Type in the amount of crypto you want to sell and tap proceed
Slide to confirm the sale and wait for a confirmation message to go pick up your cash at the selected location!

And that’s it! In a few easy steps users can sell their crypto for cash. 

Right now “Sell” is the only operation supported by Bitaccess, but we’re working on enabling “Buy” in the not too distant future. Follow us on social media and/or sign up for our newsletter at the bottom right of this webpage to stay up to date with what we’re doing here at Edge.

If you have any questions about remote sell or anything else related to Edge don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team at 

Release Notes for v1.16.7:

  • Support for Bitaccess remote sell
  • Fix for modals persisting on auto-logout
  • Various text and translation fixes
  • Update ETH gas price sanity check values retargeting pixel Skip to content