Edge & FIO Bitcoin Giveaway!

Edge and FIO have teamed up for a crypto giveaway!

You can enter to win $250 in BTC by heading over to https://fio.sale/edge-giveaway and registering for a free FIO address by December 1st (midnight EST). After registering with FIO make sure to link your Edge Wallet to your FIO account for a chance to win. 

Link your wallet by launching Edge on your device and going to the main menu. Tap on the FIO registration button and complete the process of linking Edge to FIO. 

The winner of the giveaway will be announced on our social media channels. 

What is FIO?

FIO, short for “Foundation for Interwallet Operability”, is an interoperability effort spearheaded by an experienced team of technologists based out of Denver, CO. The Foundation has created the FIO protocol, an open source solution to some of the usability problems of blockchain based assets like Bitcoin. The protocol is being formed by leading exchanges and wallets, like Edge, to create an industry standard that enhances the usability of blockchain based assets.

The protocol will have an address & domain system which will look quite similar to email. Instead of having long alpha-numeric strings as addresses a user could have an address that looks like the following: “stacy:edge”. Stacy in this case would be a FIO address which is part of Edge’s FIO domain. This should remind users of their own email which starts with a unique address delimited by an @ symbol, and ends with the domain of the email provider like gmail: stacy@gmail.com. Stacy is the address, gmail is the domain. 

Stacy’s FIO address would replace her public addresses for many of the assets in the Edge Wallet. For example, if Stacy held  BTC, ETH, XRP and XMR in her Edge Wallet she’d be able to receive all of those assets through her FIO address instead of having a different public address for each asset. Her FIO address also enables her to do a lot more with her crypto like requests for payment, easy refunds, subscription billing, and more.

To learn more about FIO, their team put together a great explainer video for the uninitiated.

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