Edge Market and Asset View

To provide users with more information about crypto markets, helping them make informed decisions, Edge has rolled out in-app market and asset views. Gone are the days of visiting external […]

The Great Hash-Rate Exodus of 2021

China has finally put the hammer down on its native mining operations, causing bitcoin’s hash-rate to crash and flee to friendlier regions around the world. We’ve heard many different flavors […]

El Salvador y Bitcoin

El Salvador has leapt into the international spotlight by being the first country to establish a positive multi-layered bitcoin strategy. The meat of the emerging strategy gives bitcoin status as […]

Edge Q&A with Fantom’s (FTM) Michael Kong

In the latest update of Edge we added support for Fantom (FTM), a young and fast-growing blockchain that uses a unique consensus mechanism and has a budding ecosystem of DeFi […]

The Next Frontiers

Widely scoffed at before, Bitcoin and the greater crypto ecosystem recently surpassed a market capitalization of two trillion dollars making up considerable fractions of the currency and precious metal markets. […]

The Geopolitics of Bitcoin

At the end of our previous article about inflation, we briefly discussed Ray Dalio’s theory of the Long Term Debt Cycle (LTDC). In short, the LTDC is the monetary epoch […]

Inflation: What is it & Where is it heading?

Discussions about inflation often get muddled by commentators who might look at one measure of inflation and say there is no inflation and other commentators that will focus on another […]

The Spectre of MMT & The Importance of Crypto

Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) has been a minor heterodox economic school in academia for the last couple of decades. Its stature in public policy and academic circles has grown mostly […]

EIP-1559: Fee Market Improvement & Scarcity Engine

Ethereum Improvement Proposal (EIP) 1559 has generated incredible excitement over the last few weeks throughout the Ethereum community. This EIP is a redesign of the Ethereum fee market, motivated by […]

Aragon Upgrade (ANT v2)

The Aragon Network was one of the early projects to launch on the Ethereum network in mid-2017. The white paper was released on April 20th, 2017 and shortly after, the […]

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