Safest Crypto Wallet

Safest Crypto Wallet

The degree to which something is safe can only be determined by that which it is trying to protect against. Rock is safe against scissors but not against paper. In […]

Why Are Ethereum Fees so High

Why Are Ethereum Fees so High

In the wild world of Ethereum gas fees, we’ve seen large swings in price over the last couple of years. A migration to other blockchain based networks has begun to […]

Best Ether Wallet

Best Ether Wallet

At Edge, we’re builders first and foremost, but we’re also users and appreciators of any and all great crypto tools available to us. We love our Ethereum wallet, however, no […]

How Do You Purchase Bitcoin?

How do you purchase Bitcoin

There are many places to buy Bitcoin, including within your Edge wallet. And no matter where you buy, it’s easy to send your coins to your Bitcoin wallet here at […]

How Do You Sell Bitcoin?

If you are like us here at Edge and you believe that Bitcoin is akin to digital, programmable gold, then you likely want to avoid having to sell it. However, […]

The Current State of Multi-chain Interoperability

With the continued proliferation and growth of blockchain-based networks, it has become pretty clear that technologists and investors who dominate the crypto market are creating a multi-chain world. This may […]

Getting Started with Bitcoin

Getting started with Bitcoin

What is Bitcoin? Bitcoin is the world’s first digitally native money and payment network. The asset has a limited supply and can be sent anywhere in the world with no […]

Who Controls Bitcoin Mining?

We know that Satoshi and Hal Finney were the earliest miners, with many more coming after, but the first year of Bitcoin mining was very static and boring. The network’s […]

Is ETH Sound Money?

The concept of sound money has been around for millennia, but our current understanding of sound money gained prominence as a more refined concept early in the 19th century amongst […]