Announcing the Airbitz SDK

For some time now, we’ve been saying, “We’re more than just a mobile app for bitcoin.” You may have heard us mention the term Edge Security several times. There’s a […]

Decrypting Encryption

Many non-technical folks in the U.S. first heard of encryption during the Edward Snowden leaks. When sharing secrets or private information encryption can come in handy but isn’t only used […]

Buying Bitcoin & Killing Passwords with BitID

We often hear about how Bitcoin isn’t just limited to being a currency or alternative payment system. Did you know the same underlying technology that powers these functions can also […]

Buy & Sell Bitcoin with Glidera Now in Beta

At Airbitz, we pride ourselves on developing solutions that make heavy duty technologies easy for anyone to use. That’s what’s at the heart of our Edge Security platform. We want […] retargeting pixel Skip to content