One-Touch 2-Factor Authentication(2FA): What is it and How do I set it up?

Two-factor authentication (commonly known as 2FA) is a way of confirming a user’s identity by utilizing a combination of two different factors. An everyday example of this is using an ATM. When a person wishes to use an ATM they insert their card and are asked for their PIN. The card is the first factor […]

Announcing the Airbitz SDK

For some time now, we’ve been saying, “We’re more than just a mobile app for bitcoin.” You may have heard us mention the term Edge Security several times. There’s a crucial need for strong security that is user friendly and we believe we’ve struck a great balance between the two with the first use of […]

Using the Invoicing and Remote Payment Request Feature

In our app, we designed a way to keep a private record of the people you’ve transacted with and easily send payment requests remotely. Watch the video below for the tutorial or read on for a written explanation: Airbitz already tags your transactions automatically to make accounting easier but you can also attach more […]

Apple’s “Bold Stand” Has Always Been The Default For Airbitz

Apple CEO Tim Cook recently took a brave stand for encryption against the orders of state agencies that demanded his company build something that could endanger the entire mobile security landscape. I stand with him and so does the rest of the Airbitz team. Building backdoors makes everyone more susceptible to attacks from criminals and […]

Decrypting Encryption

Many non-technical folks in the U.S. first heard of encryption during the Edward Snowden leaks. When sharing secrets or private information encryption can come in handy but isn’t only used by whistleblowers, government spies, or criminals. In fact, it’s used every day in the background of many sites that handle your most precious information and […]

Buying Bitcoin & Killing Passwords with BitID

We often hear about how Bitcoin isn’t just limited to being a currency or alternative payment system. Did you know the same underlying technology that powers these functions can also be used as login credentials? Instead of keeping up with a pile of usernames and passwords, imagine if you could access your online accounts with […]

Buy & Sell Bitcoin with Glidera Now in Beta

At Airbitz, we pride ourselves on developing solutions that make heavy duty technologies easy for anyone to use. That’s what’s at the heart of our Edge Security platform. We want to deliver products that preserve the security, privacy, autonomy, and decentralization inherent in Satoshi’s vision while making these tools accessible to anyone with an internet […]

Edge Security: A New Paradigm in Privacy and Security

You’ve heard of InfoSec but here’s an introduction to EdgeSec (Edge Security). Bitcoin has helped many understand the importance of strong security when it comes to financial assets, but did you know that the same platform that our mobile app runs on can be used to secure other valuable data? What Bitcoin has done for […]

In Q3 2015 Airbitz Transaction Volume Was…Unknown!

Great news everyone! While our app is used to process bitcoin transactions worldwide, we have no idea of the value of those transactions! This is one example of what is means to be “zero-knowledge,” like the underlying Edge Security platform our app is based on. While other bitcoin platforms boast of billions of dollars in […]