One-Touch 2-Factor Authentication(2FA): What is it and How do I set it up?

Two-factor authentication (commonly known as 2FA) is a way of confirming a user’s identity by utilizing a combination of two different factors. An everyday example of this is using an ATM. When a person wishes to use an ATM they insert their card and are asked for their PIN. The card is the first factor […]

Airbitz Partners with OpenLedger

Airbitz is pleased to announce the addition of our newest partner, OpenLedger, to our growing ecosystem of blockchain projects using our battle tested Edge Security SDK. Based in Denmark, the OpenLedger Decentralized Conglomerate (DC), is the world’s first blockchain powered conglomerate, based on BitShares technology, supporting an ecosystem which includes the OpenLedger Decentralized Exchange (DEX) […]

Blockfreight Partners with Airbitz

We are excited to announce our partnership with Blockfreight™, a company based out of Victoria, Australia that will be bringing blockchain solutions to global freight. Blockfreight™ is an open network blockchain allowing stakeholders to have access to an advanced global ledger which solves the inefficiency and variability in the data of each and every movement […]

No Circle? No Problem. Enter the Kraken!

Kraken, the renowned cryptocurrency exchange, has acquired our partner, Glidera! This means the rapid expansion of Glidera’s buy/sell service coverage from just 21 US states to now 49 US states, Canada, and soon others (sorry New York!). This is wonderful news for the Bitcoin user community amidst the recently swelling interest in Bitcoin worldwide. It […]

WINGS and Airbitz Team Up

We’re extremely excited to announce our partnership with an innovative project called WINGS (, a decentralized platform to create, join and manage decentralized autonomous organizations colloquially known as “DAOs”. WINGS will enable a new generation of DAOs for Bitcoin and other blockchains. The partnership provides WINGS with our Edge Security platform which will make the […]

Airbitz v2.1.0 Ushers in Speed, Reliability, Efficiency, & New Features

Airbitz Matterhorn version 2.1.0. This new version ushers in huge speed improvements, power efficiency, reliability, and the stability you expect from a financial application. This version includes: New Airbitz ‘Smart Fee’ technology. Dynamic mining fee calculation that scales with network demand AND intelligently minimizes fees for smaller, micro-transactions Significantly faster and more reliable transaction detection by […]

New Update “Matterhorn” & Buy/Sell Bitcoin with No Fees in April

To celebrate our biggest app update yet, we’ve dropped fees for buying and selling Bitcoin inside Airbitz to ZERO for the rest of April! We’ve dubbed this new version of the Airbitz app “Matterhorn” in honor of our Swiss teammate Lucas Betschart. Get ready for a faster app and a cool way to earn bitcoin […]

Introducing TrumpWallet

With the recent release of our SDK, many highly successful people and businesses have been eager to partner with us, including none other than Mr. Donald J. Trump himself. We are proud to announce TrumpWallet — a cryptocurrency wallet that trumps all the rest. We’ve made the best deals to bring in the best people to do […]

Announcing the Airbitz SDK

For some time now, we’ve been saying, “We’re more than just a mobile app for bitcoin.” You may have heard us mention the term Edge Security several times. There’s a crucial need for strong security that is user friendly and we believe we’ve struck a great balance between the two with the first use of […]

Apple’s “Bold Stand” Has Always Been The Default For Airbitz

Apple CEO Tim Cook recently took a brave stand for encryption against the orders of state agencies that demanded his company build something that could endanger the entire mobile security landscape. I stand with him and so does the rest of the Airbitz team. Building backdoors makes everyone more susceptible to attacks from criminals and […]